Break Out the Bubbly

Make Celebrations Convenient with Win RacksIt’s 2016! Happy New Year! I always love this time of year. It’s a great time to reflect back over the previous year; all that has happened, what goals I reached and what challenges stood in my way. It’s a learning experience every year and one from which I usually emerge energized and ready to make a fresh start.

Our New Year’s celebrations have varied widely over the years. Some years we are traveling back to our current residence after visiting family for the holidays. Other times we spend the evening quietly, just my husband and I fighting off the sleepiness as we watch the TV and wait for the ball to drop on Times Square before heading off to bed. And still other times we invite the neighborhood over for a rousing good time, entertaining children and adults alike and enjoying food and frivolity over a few cocktails.

Even though we are never sure what our New Year’s Eve will shape up to be, I still enjoy the celebration every year. The quiet, the chaos; it’s all a consequence of our military life, where it takes us, and the people we are surrounded by. I usually imbibe in a bottle of bubbly every year; it’s my own New Year’s tradition – whether I’m drinking alone or with a bunch of my friends.

No matter the party atmosphere, it’s a little more festive and inviting when the champagne is displayed on our beautiful rustic Glacier Country Countertop Wine Rack. It is the centerpiece of our buffet, showcasing the local wines I enjoy and the special holiday selections this time of year.

Happy New Year to all of you, no matter what your celebration shapes up to be this December 31st. Cheers to you and me and Auld Lang Syne!

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