Outside In

Upholstered Aspen ChairsMany of my friends ask me why I have such a love for rustic furniture. I invite them into my house and they look around disapprovingly, looking for any trace of the décor they consider to more acceptable; posh, modern, sleek and sophisticated. I just smile and offer them a hot cup of coffee and a seat in my comfiest Beartooth Aspen Upholstered Log Chair.

My affinity for rustic is rooted in a deep appreciation of nature. I can spend hours hiking in the woods, sitting beside a creek, admiring a waterfall, or perched on a mountain overlook. Furniture that so closely resembles all that I love outdoors brings all those wonderful experiences and adventures into my home. I feel like Mother Nature knocked on the front door and delivered a big warm hug.

Although I love my friends, I also love my “sticks and twigs” furniture. I’m not about to give either one up anytime soon. Unless, of course, one of my friends makes me choose between one or the other…then someone’s feelings might get hurt. Haha!

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