Deer Hunter Husband

Chandeliers make great centerpieces!The upcoming Christmas holiday makes for a festive and exciting time for many people. Shopping, baking, camaraderie, and family all abound at this most special time of the year. But for some folks like my husband, December signifies something else of great excitement…hunting season!

Although he gets giddy like a schoolboy, my husband’s excitement is not completely focused on hunting deer. No, his ideal deer season is more about camaraderie with his buddies; chasing down whitetails during the day and sharing beers and stories at night. These are guys he grew up with, went to school with, that he has known almost his entire life. Hunting deer with them is close to one of the best things in the world to him.

He does get his deer & fill his tag. As if the meat for the freezer isn’t enough, he also deems it necessary to mount his trophy. The big rack that simply cannot be cast aside, but instead must somehow be treasured for infamy. Every year a new trophy comes along. The first couple received the traditional treatment…a trip to the taxidermist to become a wall mount. But then my mighty hunter husband tires of the “same old” and seeks out new ways to display his bucks.

The trophies from a year or two can be combined into an antler chandelier. Speaking from a personal view, I’m a little more pleased to display his “trophies” in this fashion. I can imagine that other ladies with a hunter in their life might feel the same way. Everyone is happy; he can proudly point out his catch to visitors but the chandelier is stylish enough for the wife to allow it a prominent place in the dining room.

This deer season, if you have a hunter in your home, you might encourage him to consider turning his bounty into a beautiful Tamarack Whitetail Deer Chandelier. Remind him that a happy wife means a happy life! (And more cooperation when he wants to spend a week with the boys.)

Happy hunting!

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