Winter Wear Hideaway

Be Ready for Winter with Entry BenchesIt’s November, and even though it’s a little difficult to believe…the snow will start flying here any day now. This year we’ve been blessed with a warm and colorful fall, but the cold winds have blown a couple of times and darkness of night comes a little earlier every day.

A couple of weeks ago, I dug into the storage closet and dug the winter wear out in preparation of colder weather. Even though I’m excited to enjoy the first snowflakes of winter, I dread the layers and pieces of clothing that comes along with outdoor fun in the snow. I cringe when I think of boots and mittens and hats shed inside the front door, littering the entry and cluttering up the floor.

This year I decided to combat the clutter with a handsome hideaway for all the boys’ winter wear. I invested in a rustic reclaimed barnwood trunk with drawers that fits neatly in our front entry and offers three drawers in which to stash mittens, hats, scarves…and maybe even some toy snowplows.

Even though I’m a little sad to see the beautiful autumn leaves flutter away, I welcome winter to join us with all its snowy fun-filled days. Bring it on, Old Man Winter! With the Cottage Barnwood 3 Drawer Entry Bench, I’m ready for you now!

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