The Perfect Marriage

Modern and Rustic End TablesI am an HGTV junkie. Have I admitted that before? I may or may not binge watch on an occasional weekend day (don’t judge!). I get a boatload of inspiration from the programs! (Although, HGTV, if you’re reading this: enough with House Hunters & Property Brothers already. They’re great and everything, but I’d love some more Flea Market Flip!) But, I digress.

On a recent episode of House Hunters Renovation, the couple searching for a home had wildly different tastes in design. He liked rustic style with a lot of wood while she preferred a more contemporary theme in a home. It seemed this marriage was doomed to find a home that was decorated to suit both their tastes…or was it?

If this sounds like the story of you and your spouse, do not despair. Your marriage is not in jeopardy – after all, opposites attract – right? Or, maybe in the case of home décor, opposites call for a challenging but unique decorating theme. In the case of the aforementioned couple, the GroovyStuff Pronto End Table satisfies his love of rustic and reclaimed wood while the curved lines and funky features are a reflection of her contemporary style.

By combining characteristics of two styles, you make your home uniquely yours. Even if you and your spouse have completely different taste in design, you can create the perfect marriage in your home.

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