Seasonal Switch

Snow Themed Art PrintsI am a Christmas fanatic. It has always been that way; my paternal grandmother used to go over-the-top with Christmas decorations and I think some of that rubbed off on me, even when I was very young. Many years later, I don’t even approach the amount of decorating my grandmother reached, but I do love to deck the halls of our home.

For most of the year, we display our patriotism and proudly drape red, white, and blue in every corner of our house. But after Halloween, and when the calendar turns over to November, a transformation begins to occur. The colors that never run take a long winter’s nap as the snowmen come out to play.

Even the artwork gets a facelift for a few months of the year. Framed pictures are covered with seasonal prints like the Joy of Snow, snowmen, winter scenes, and Santas. The scented wax burners are filled with pine scented goodness, and the smell of evergreens permeates our living space.

Every fall I’m excited to make the seasonal switch. It’s the bright spot of shorter days and colder temperatures. And somehow, when springtime rolls around again, I’m sad and hesitant to put the creatures of winter back into hiding until November rolls around again.

Season’s greetings to all!

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