From Trunk to Shining Slab

Dining Tables with a Shiny SlabAh, the splendor of the holidays! It’s a time of year that many love, but also causes a lot of stress for a lot of us. From meal planning to gift buying, travel plans; fulfilling holiday traditions, decorating…it can be a lot of commitment and demanding of an already overfilled schedule. Somehow “happy holidays” has turned into “stressful season”.

This year I see signs that some people are changing things up. Efforts like the #OptOutside movement by REI encourage folks to enjoy simple pleasures instead of the madness of Black Friday shopping. Stores are announcing their intent to stay closed all day on Thanksgiving so their employees can enjoy time with their families.

At my house, we are doing things like buying fewer gifts and trying to create experiences instead. We are focusing on the true meaning of Christmas and spending time together as a family. I am even eliminating some of the clutter around the house and adding accent pieces that remind us of the simple joys in life.

With this mindset, replacing our too-small, too-rickety dining table took on a different flavor. We weren’t interested in getting the biggest or the best or the fanciest, but instead something that fulfilled our needs, was sturdy enough to stand the test of time, and was made of natural materials. When we found the Black Walnut Slab Dining Table on Cedar Stump, a table crafted from a slab taken from a walnut tree trunk, we knew it was perfect for our family. Gathering around its natural beauty at dinner every night is a perfect reminder of all that we want to experience in life. And, at the holidays, it is the perfect place to display the centerpiece we create as a family project.

Here’s to more happy this holiday and less stress for your season!

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