The Center of the Home

Kitchen Tables for the Dining AreaAt this time of year, when the sun comes up late and disappears below the horizon so early in the evening, outdoor activities with the kids are limited to the short daylight hours. No longer do they play outside until bedtime; evening entertainment moves inside and mom & dad have to devise creative ways to channel all that youthful energy.

There is one tool I’ve found in the home that provides the center for hours of activities: the dining room table. I’m sure many would argue, but I consider it the center of the home. It’s the foundation and gathering space for craft projects, homework, family game night, Lego towers, cooling cookies, and of course – family meals.

With all this activity, you want to be sure you have a table that stands up to the rigors of your family. Be prepared to suffer a scratch or ten as your kids create masterpieces on its surface. A rustic real wood table is the perfect choice to withstand the test of time and active children. If the table top happens to get scratched, consider it part of the character of the wood. Or, grab a little sandpaper and get to work on the spot, then cover it back up with a bit of varnish and voila – back to perfect!

Don’t let daylight savings get you down. Invest in a sturdy Homestead Barnwood Square Kitchen Table to make your days – and nights – much brighter this winter. And then enjoy the giggles and wiggles that happen all around it on a daily basis!

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