Round Up a Rustic Cowboy Bedroom

Have as many throw pillows as you want!Our kids’ bedrooms are long overdue for a design overhaul. What little décor they have in their bedrooms is left over from when we set their rooms up before they were born (2-1/2 and 3-1/2 years ago). We moved into our new house over two months ago, and I promised both of them we would redecorate their rooms once we got settled. I think it’s high time I fulfilled my promise.

One of the challenges I face is making a decision on the “theme” of the rooms. I am almost 100% certain that whatever my older son chooses for his room, his younger brother will want the same. Big brother was certain two months ago that he wanted a fire truck room, but he recently conceded that he’d like a cowboy room. That put a smile on my face; not that I wouldn’t be thrilled to decorate with fire trucks, but I’m much more excited about a Western theme!

My plan is to use a lot of plain colors with little or no design, then accent with some really cute cowboy accents. I can use denim for curtains, solid-colored bedsheets in either a blue, red, or tan color, and a couple of throw pillows to set off the bed. Or, I could use an assortment of colored sheets that complement the colors in the throw pillows. I really like the patriotic undertones of this cowboy cutie!

So, mark my words…the boys will soon have new bedrooms. They will probably be decorated almost identically. It makes my job easy…once I find something I want to incorporate, like this Kids Giddy Up Cowboy Throw Pillow, I just need to buy enough for two rooms. And, voila, a rustic cowboy bedroom fit for a finicky four-year-old!

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