Containing the Collection

Wine Rack Cabinets for Displaying your CollectionWhen one speaks of wine country, usually we think of the lush Napa Valley in California or fields of grapes in the country of France. Even Hollywood engages this mentality, as a certain movie made a few years ago focused on happenings in the wine country of California. But in reality, wine is made in many different areas of the world. In the United States, some type of wine production is conducted all of the fifty states.

Wine is a hobby that is shared by many. Some love to make it, while some love to drink it. The science of wine is very interesting. Even though a recipe is duplicated from year to year, the resulting flavor and body can vary greatly. Weather and exposure have a large influence on the quality of the wine.

In Virginia (as in many other areas), small wineries are found all across the state. It is a common practice for couples, families with visitors in town, or groups of friends to plan a weekend outing visiting the wineries. A group can choose three or four destinations and travel around to them throughout the course of the day, sampling wine and touring the facilities and fields. Much fun is had by all! Many times, visitors to the wineries purchase bottles of their favorites to take back home and add to their own wine collection.
Entire parties are sometimes centered on wine and its complements. Food and wine are paired together for afternoons and evenings filled with flavor and conversation. Wine collections are on display for visitors and cherished bottles are opened and savored. What better way to show off your collection than with a reclaimed barnwood cabinet? It highlights your taste for things natural and rustic, much like the wine that it holds. Some of your most favorite bottles, or perhaps the more decorative labels, can be displayed more noticeably in a counter top wine rack. After all, why go digging through an entire cabinet when you can have bottles readily accessible at counter height? Perhaps you can fill it with your treasures from a recent winery trip, recreating the fun and laughs you had while enjoying the day.

Wine isn’t just for the snobbish or wealthy. All of us can enjoy learning about, sampling, tasting, and drinking the good stuff made from grapes. It doesn’t matter how you choose to store and display it, but if you like rustic décor, why not give this Homestead Barnwood Wine Rack Cabinet a look?

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