A Touch of Turquoise

Beds with a Neutral HueTurquoise. It is a gem – and a color – that screams Western style. I have loved the look of turquoise jewelry since the inception of my cowgirl lifestyle, many years ago. When paired with brown colors and sterling silver, it is so timeless and classic and casually elegant. I smile just thinking about it.

The color turquoise is rarely used for interior decorating. It is such a vibrant hue that some people shy away from making such a statement in their home. Even though it plays well with other colors, it will jump off a wall or piece of furniture and immediately get noticed. That can be either an attribute, if you are planning an accent piece, or a drawback if you want a more neutral, balanced look.

Knowing these things, it was a bit of a surprise when I found a barnwood bed that has turquoise inlays. The Abilene Reclaimed Barnwood and Leather Bed is constructed of genuine aged planks and beams, then accented with brown leather and turquoise fabric details. The set is absolutely breathtaking and immediately brings to mind a spread I’d see in American Cowboy magazine. The bedding shown in the picture is a perfect complement to the bed’s design and entices with an invitation of “come and lay down for a bit”. The touch of turquoise in this set is the perfect way to bring Western style into your house without creating an overwhelming statement of color.

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