Sit! Stay!

Entry benches with Three DrawersIs your house like mine? We seem to have a real conundrum inside the front doors of our home. Almost like there’s a hidden magnet, shoes are drawn to the area…along with coats, my purse, bags, and whatever else is in our arms when we walk in the door. It’s the First National Bank of Entry, and deposits are made daily.

A solution to the predicament is challenging in the house where we are currently living. It’s a split-level, so the entry is actually a little foyer and then stairs that go both up and down to living areas. There is no room for shelving or racks to store all of the assorted shoes and clothing that are needed for our daily adventures.

A bench with hidden storage is the best possibility for solving our storage conundrum.  It can’t be too deep, or it will block the walkway to the stairs leading down into the living room. A custom-made barnwood bench with drawers would lend itself well to the rustic decor of our home. Drawers allow us to stash shoes and outdoor essentials out-of-sight.

So, if you ever come to visit our house, the Cottage Barnwood 3 Drawer Entry Bench right inside our front doors will beckon you to sit and stay awhile. Little will you know (unless you’ve read this post) that the handsome bench is a storinghouse for several pairs of shoes. You will just be thankful for a nice spot on which to sit and take yours off. You’re welcome.

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