It’s a Tent, It’s a Barn…

These Bunk Beds are Fun to HaveKids have the most active imaginations. Our boys can take the simplest things and pretend they are big, elaborate items they can use to conquer the world. It’s beautiful and refreshing and it makes me wish that we did more imaginative play as adults.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for all children, but ours are in love with flashlights. One on their head, one in each hand, they tumble out the door at dusk to explore the backyard and search for “critters”. Given the choice, I think they would stay outside all night flashing their lights into every nook and cranny they can find. I love how they love the outdoors.

But, alas, at some point it’s time to come inside and go to bed. However, the fun with flashlights and imagination doesn’t have to end just because they are under a roof and within four walls. The height and stature of a bunk bed provides the perfect framework for a bedsheet tent. Under its canopy, many adventures await until the sleepiness overcomes and draws them into bed.

The imagination is stoked even further when the bunk beds look, smell, and feel like a barn. What little boy wouldn’t love to play in a barn every night? So many delicious nooks and crannies to explore and discover. A tent, a barn, all in one room…what could be better? Other than the great out-of-doors, of course.

We adults can learn a thing or two from kids. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary adventure is a place to start. A Cottage Barnwood Bunk Bed is the perfect inspiration to begin the adventure. Enjoy your journey!

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