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End tables for a new lookI have recently been bitten, really smitten, with home decorating.  I pore over the monthly magazines with big, glossy photos of beautifully adorned rooms.  Pinterest and Houzz are two sites I consult frequently for ideas and inspiration.  It has become an obsession of mine.

We just moved into a new house.  Our reason for getting a new address was not once of want, but more of service.  My military husband got stationed to a new post, so the boys and I followed him there.  Knowing our new house would not be as modern and fashionable as the one we were living in, I consoled myself with plans for decorating it.  It was a sort of therapy for me as we said goodbye to friends and family and prepared for the drive halfway across the country.

This new house has a considerably larger and more open layout than our old house.  I am finding that I have a lot more wall space to fill than I did before.  One of the best ways I’ve found to add depth and interest to large amounts of white wall space is to use tables and elevations as part of the décor.  An end table is a nifty size to use for creating a composition both above and below its top surface.  When that table has a character all its own, like this Timberwood Barnwood End Table, it adds considerably to the atmosphere.

Slowly but surely, I am working to decorate our new house and make it as homey and comfortably country as our last one.  By using the tools and inspiration available to me across print and digital outlets, my adventure in decorating is much easier.  Here’s to tables, big and small, to help me cover those large white walls!

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