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Beautiful beds only make for a beautiful roomIn this technological age, inspiration and information can be found anywhere. If a person has a question in his or her mind, often the first place they turn is their web browser.  It has even become mainstream to answer an inquiry, “Google it”.

So, when you are decorating your home and you are in search of inspiration, where do you turn?  So many options are available; it may be a bit overwhelming when considering a source.  Decorating is a very personal process, as is the manner in which you find and implement ideas.

Personally, I have three go-to sources for creative inspiration.  I subscribe to a magazine called Country Sampler.  Inside its covers are collections of glossy color photographs that display the talent and abilities of country and rustic-style decorators all across the country.  Along with the images are many helpful tips and how-to explanations.  Along with many others who are seeking creative inspiration, I frequently consult Pinterest for everything from recipes to home decorating ideas.  One of the newest additions to my inspiration toolbox is a website called Houzz.  This is a site dedicated to home interiors and decorating.  A user can search by keywords.  Inside of the images are links to the source of pieces used.  It is a beautifully-designed website that is easy to navigate.

Wherever you find your decoration inspiration, know that your opportunities are growing along with technology.  The Barnwood Deer Bed really is a beautiful thing, but the real beauty lies in the end result…your beautifully decorated rustic home.

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