Better with Barnwood

TV Stands that You've Been Looking ForMore and more, I am learning the value in small shelves and surfaces when decorating and organizing a home.  With the onset of toys and general “stuff” that accompanies life with two busy boys, our house of minimal décor has become one of “I need another place to stash these toys”.  The playthings seem to reproduce like rabbits and spill out of every area of the house.

Enter: shelves.  These little wonders can be used for everything from displaying electronics to storing books to holding baskets full of trinkets and treasures.  Stashing “stuff” is much easier when shelves are part of your arsenal.

And, with two active little boys, it helps when those shelves are built solid and sturdy…not like those flimsy pressboard units found at the local big-box store.  If you are looking for solid wood and rustic character to match, don’t shop for a shelf.  Look, instead, at this Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood 44″ TV Stand.  Unassuming in nature, the dimensions and double shelves of this TV stand work just as well for tucking away toys as they do for providing a secure space for your electronic components.

So, if your toy area is out of control (like mine), or you are just looking for a display space with tons of character, shop no further.  This is the perfect shelf unit, better than the big-box offerings because this one is made of solid reclaimed barnwood.  Look no further for your shelving solution.

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