Saddle Up!

You'll Enjoy your Bar Stools more this way!Barstools…we sit on them, but do we really pay attention to them?  Let’s face it, sometimes hours are spent perched on their surface while we drink and converse and laugh.  They are hardly given much credit.

The saddle stools I discovered are about to change all that.  These unique seats can steal the show, all on their own.  The base of each stool is crafted from authentic horseshoes, welded together to form a sturdy foundation.  Atop the iron stand is a genuine saddle, all decked out and ready for you to mount up and ride.

Not only are these stools easy on the eyes, they’re pretty comfy for the tushy too.  You might to start traveling with your own Saddle Bar Stool, lugging it from place to place for the sake of comfort and starting conversation.  This is a horse that you won’t have to feed, and it travels along easily and quietly.  The only hazard is the possibility of becoming bowlegged from too much time in the saddle.

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