Change Your Décor with an Easy Switch

Outlet Covers with StyleLast week I made many changes in my life.  I moved with my family from the Midwest to the East coast, and we transitioned from homeownership to renting a house to live in.  It has been the latter of those two changes that has been the most challenging to adapt to thus far.

In this part of the country, we aren’t able to afford the nice, new home we lived in as Iowa residents.  Our “new-to-us” house is a bit dated and has many areas that I’m just itching to change and improve.  But, alas, it is not ours to make those changes to so I must figure a way to make it our home without major remodeling.  The adaptations must be superficial and reversible.

One of the ways in which I intend to customize our rental home is to change out switchplates like Wrought Iron Star Double Outlet/GFI Cover in some parts of the house.  This is a fairly inexpensive way to showcase my rustic style and create a sense of personality in an otherwise generic-looking interior.  Switchplates come in a variety of styles and are available for nearly every outlet configuration.  Beginning with the kitchen, I’m giving this house a rustic makeover, one little switch at a time.

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