A Tisket a Tasket a Groovy Little Basket

These Baskets Look Great Anywhere!Every once in a while, you find something that becomes a necessity for your life.  Lately, that item for me has been baskets.  They are so versatile; used for decorating or functionally as a carrying medium, or even switching back and forth between roles.  You can find them anywhere in my house:  on the kitchen counter as a cute catch-all for keys, on top of my kitchen cabinets as textural and colorful decorative filler, in my bedroom as a bright accent and base for a still life collage.

Part of the allure of baskets is the wide variety of materials they can be made from.  When I lived in Georgia, I was introduced to the unique long leaf pine and the needles it provided for some very intricate and beautiful creations.  I have seen baskets covered in pieces of bark, woven from reeds, and crafted from twigs. One of the most distinct I’ve come across lately is a teak basket from GroovyStuff.  It has been carved from a reclaimed teak wood tree and fastened together for a truly unique piece.

Whether you like to decorate with baskets, or use them to carry items from here to there, you can appreciate the functionality of one of human’s greatest inventions.  Pair that with unrivaled beauty and the environmental responsibility of reclaiming wood, and you have this teak basket. Get groovy with the GroovyStuff Teak Whistlers Basket!

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