Quick & Easy Removable Backsplash

Wood Wallpapers are so Easy to InstallWell, as some of you know from previous posts, I am the wife of an Army Soldier.  A consequence to that lifestyle is the need to pack up and move about every 3 years.  Alas, it seems soon, but our time in Iowa is quickly coming to an end.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time living back in our home state.  We have family and friends very close, and have made new ones too.  It is going to be very difficult to bed them all adieu, but I am comforted by knowing we will back a couple of times a year to visit.

The other luxury I have relished in is home ownership.  This little piece of property in Waukee, Iowa has been ours for nearly three years.  No landlords, no hassle, no asking for permission to make changes in the house.

Now that is all changing.  We are moving back to the Washington, D.C. metro area and will be renting a house.  Back to lease agreements and contracts and (for the most part) having to settle with the look of the house.

However, I was recently introduced to something called Renter’s Backsplash.  Basically, by purchasing sheets of corrugated plastic, or heavy cardboard, or lightweight sheets of wood and cutting it to size, you can easily and unapologetically change the look and feel of the kitchen.  Cover the plastic, wood, whatever with contact paper or this Dark Brown Embossed Wood Wallpaper and you have an entirely new look.  No nail holes, no permanent adhesive.  You, however, must be precise with measuring and cutting so the finished product fits very tightly and therefore stays put once you shove it into place.

Suddenly the thought of renting isn’t so bad.

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