Mirror Mirror on the Wall…Wait, It’s a Picture Frame!

Mirrors with barnwood frames“Things are not always as they seem.”  I’m not sure who the first person was to use that quote, but it has be used thousands of times a day.  The applications of those words are many and various, and can certainly apply to the art of interior decorating.

When you look at this image, you probably first notice the rugged barnwood frame.  It has a beautiful patina, prominently shows the saw marks, and boasts a nice knot in the upper lefthand corner.  And then your eyes travel to the image portrayed inside the frame.  It is obviously the reflection of a beautifully decorated barnwood bedroom.

Don’t just think of this glass-and-wood pairing as a mirror to put on the wall.  It is possible to order the Cottage Barnwood Mirror without the glass, which makes it a perfect candidate for a rustic picture frame.  Think sepiatone or vintage family photos, displayed in a beautiful arrangement on the wall.  You still get the dramatic effect of reclaimed wood, but in an application different than the mirror’s advertised purpose.

Things, as it turns out, are rarely as they seem.

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