Annie Get Your Guns

Light up with pistol lampsOh, the controversy.  Should people be allowed to carry guns around wherever they go?  Should they be allowed to purchase firearms for personal use?  Many strong opinions surround this topic.

The other day, while perusing barnwood furniture options online, I stumbled across this absolutely gorgeous bedroom set, crafted from rough-hewn lumber fashioned to look like reclaimed barn wood.  Almost immediately after the photo caught my breath, my eyes traveled to the bedside lamps.  What a strong statement, not to mention an apropos accessory for a Western-themed home.  Nothing says cowboy like pistols and spurs!

These Pistol and Spur Lamps probably do not come without repercussions, though.  Can you imagine rousing from a deep slumber, half asleep, only to glance over and right down the barrel of a pistol?  What a startling way to wake up!  On the positive side, any person sneaking into your bedroom would catch one glimpse of two guns pointing at him and would turn around and run, not walk, right back out of your house!

The intent of this post is not to start a rousing debate over gun laws, but merely to share this unique bedroom that is a modern-day testament to the Old West.  If this is a look that you’d like for your bedroom, rush right out to this website and order a couple.  Annie…get your guns!

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