Start the New Year with a New Look

Burly Rustic Sofas for the New YearNew Year’s Resolutions. Many make them, few see them through to completion. Where do you fall in that spectrum?

I tired of the resolution rat race and decided to try something different for 2013. It has worked out wonderfully so I plan to take the same approach for 2014. I think about what I want to place importance upon for the next 365 days and choose one word that becomes my theme for the year. During 2013, that theme was “passion”. Interpret that as you may, but I discovered more about what my true passions are during the past year than I have for the 39 years prior. It has been life-changing for me.

And so, carrying this momentum over into 2014, I am again faced with the monumental task of deciding on a theme for the year. One idea was that of renewal…putting a fresh new look on all of the outdated pieces of my life.  For one, my Burly Rustic Sofa. We have had the same living room set since we married 7 years ago. I think it’s time for a change.

I have recently rediscovered my love for all things rustic. My husband still likes a more traditional look and feel in home décor, so a compromise is necessary. A set like the Burly Rustic is a perfect match for our taste.  The rustic appearance tantalizes my taste, while the full cushions and traditional lines are suitable for my husband’s preferences. Renewal 2014 just might start with a new living room set for our home. Happy New Year!

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