Sleeping Treasure

Western Beds are a TreasureWestern style is one that comes and goes. There are always a few staunch supporters of the rustic ranch-type décor, but as fashion goes, the Western trend ebbs and flows. Much like cowboy boots that are mainstream one minute and reserved for working cowhands the next, bucking broncos and Stetson hats are widely accepted as home décor for a phase and then frequently found on the clearance rack at Pier One.

I, for one, have always been a fan of this timeless style, but have been as fickle as the changing seasons with the type of décor I have used in my home. In my twenties I fully embraced the Western style, then in my early thirties I shifted 180 degrees to a more contemporary look and feel.  Now, as I near 40, I am bringing a more primitive country style into my home.

I do believe that several styles can live together seamlessly inside of a single home. A bedroom set like the Abilene Reclaimed Barnwood ensemble reinvigorates my passion for Western décor. The beautiful turquoise inset is an elegant pairing for the rustic character of the barnwood. Turquoise is a color that is frequently found in the Western style, and is a favorite gem in many jewelry sets. The bedding used for this photo draws that beautiful turquoise color out of the inlay and effectively brightens up the room. This Western-styled bedroom ensemble is definitely a treasure for inspiring the cowboy lover in all of us.

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