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Snowman Art PrintsI love how perceptive children can be. Their little minds see things so simply and clearly when sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s refreshing, actually, and sometimes just a little bit annoying when they’re making a good point.

Case in point: my 2-year-old pointed up at the dining room wall the other day with a questioning look on his face asking “snowmen?” He was referring to a pair of pictures I have hanging on the wall. They are jolly images of rotund chefs on bicycles.  I picked them up years ago because they fit the theme of some other kitchen décor. Those pieces have since passed on, but those two chefs have survived the times.

His observation made something crystal clear to me: those chefs have to go. Other than the colors in the prints, they no longer match the motif of our home. The two-year-old is right in his observation: snowmen, although seasonal, would be a much better choice for those two barnwood frames.

Following the primitive country look that I’m in favor of for the minute, the collection of Peace, Love, and Joy Snowman prints by Kim Lewis are suitable for my seasonal display. The look and feel of these cute prints will meld seamlessly with the snowman collection I have scattered around the house until Easter rolls around. We will get to enjoy their presence for a few months, my son will no longer question my choice of décor, and the look will be fresh and new. We have a winner!

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