Saluting an American Icon

Bookcases with varying sizes availableSometimes pleasant surprises can pop up in the most unexpected places. Recently I bravely ventured out alone with our two young sons to do some holiday shopping. My husband was out of town and I did not relish the idea of going out in the cold with two kids whose attention span is less than that of a gnat. Nevertheless, I needed to stock the space under our Christmas tree, so I did what I knew needed to be done.

This gigantic farm-and-home supply store of chain proportions opened only a couple of months ago and is the first in the area. I had been mildly curious about what wonders lie inside, so I decided to declare that as our shopping destination for the evening. Luckily there was a “wow” factor for all three of us, and it lasted long enough for the boys that I was able to get some shopping done before the whining began. When their attention spans could nearly take no more, I decided to check out the toy aisles to recapture their waning patience. What I found there was more a wonder for myself than my boys.

In aisle 4, near the very end, were rows of boxes of beautiful barns cast in resin. Not toys or shabby specimens, mind you. No, they were signed and numbered and artfully captured miniscule models that were suitable for a collector.  And, their price tags were reduced to a mere fraction of their original price.  Almost free. I scooped up one in every style. I left the store that night feeling more than satisfied and excited about the deal that I had found.

You see, I love barns and everything about them. They are a true American icon. Built by our forefathers and filling very specific purposes, they range in size, color, and style all across the country. Sadly, many of them are falling into a state of disrepair and dilapidation. Harvesting and reclaiming the wood to make furniture is a viable way to salute these bygone icons. But, I love my new little barn models that I can proudly display on a Country Roads Reclaimed Wood 2 Piece Bookcase made from the very wood they are representing. How more fitting a tribute can there be?

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