Spurred Into Action

Spurred ClocksRecently an article about the early morning habits of successful people went viral on social media. It was a very interesting read, particularly for someone like me who has noticed a spike in productivity when I do get up early and start my day. As I read the entire article, though, it begged the question: what time do these people go to bed? I don’t do well with less than seven hours of sleep every night, but going to bed before 10pm usually is not feasible in my house. It makes for a difficult early-morning wakeup.

Sure, I do still set my alarm for a time when even the rooster is still sleeping. Some mornings it’s 4:30am, others 5am, still others (if I want to sleep in), I’m rising out of bed between 6 and 6:30. Those early-morning wakeup calls are the hardest. I’m usually in a really deep sleep, and when those ocean sounds startle me into awareness, it’s quite tempting to just shut the alarm off and snuggle back down into the covers.

Many other articles have discussed tactics for urging reluctant risers to move into their morning routine. Some say to set the alarm on the other side of the room, making it necessary to actually get up and walk over in order to shut it off. Others claim that setting the volume at a high pitch or adjusting for a persistent snooze is effective. Myself, I say that just getting into action is the best way. Yes, most of that is a mental practice; meaning, holding an inner dialogue about the need to get out of the comfortable bed and make your way to the coffee maker. But, a cool and unusual alarm clock like this Star Spur Clock is a way to literally spur you into action. What Western-themed home wouldn’t beg to have one of these beside every bed? Jump into the saddle and spur your way into every day!

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