No Two are Ever Alike

Every One of these Dining Tables is UniqueThe other day, I visited a local store that sells log and barnwood furniture. The pieces in their store are absolutely breathtaking, and a visit into its interior is like walking into a dreamily different world. The smells of leather and rustic elements envelop you with a sense of warmth and comfort as soon as you walk into the store, and the character of the natural wood beckons you to step into its embrace. I love to visit the store and dream of the day I can live in a home that wraps me in the same amount of comfort and solace.

I was astonished, however, while engaging in a conversation with one of the store proprietors. She told me that one of her frustrations is the oh-so-common customer request for furniture “just like this one”. Someone will visit the store, fall in love something on the floor, and request an identical piece. The frustration begins when the customer cannot be guaranteed their request can be fulfilled.

One of the most alluring characteristics of log and reclaimed wood furniture is the assurance that no one, nowhere, will ever have a piece exactly the same as yours. Even if two of the Aspen and Barnwood Dining Table are built the same structurally, it is impossible to make them identical. Perhaps beetles forged through the logs used for one table, blazing a trail that is marked into the wood for life, while the lumber of another table suffered a searing lightning strike that left a dark blaze through the wood. Weather and environmental conditions create differences in wood color, even among the same species of tree. Barns and structures, through the years, have been coated with different types and colors of paints and stains. No two pieces of rustic furniture can ever or will ever be alike.

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