Simple Sophistication

Simple but Stylish BookshelvesOn a recent visit to the local half-price bookstore, I stumbled across a little book with an equally inexpensive price tag.  The copy on the cover intrigued me and I picked it up to give it a closer look.  The book is entitled, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (and it’s all small stuff)”, and it breaks down, into short reads, how to simplify and de-stress your life.  I couldn’t resist, so I purchased it and took it home get a better look.  Since then, I’ve discovered it to be a read that is positively life-changing.

In this age of modern technology, when everything moves so fast and the art of enjoying life at a leisurely pace is all but forgotten, we could use a little simplification and de-stressing, couldn’t we?  I think we should all consider putting “slow down and enjoy life more” at the top of our New Year’s resolution lists for 2014.

Of course, so many of us still have that need to stand out from the crowd, look and feel polished and perfect, turn others’ heads with envy.  Is there a way to combine simplification and sophistication?  We could debate that question for days.  There is evidence, however, that it is indeed a possibility.  The photo above shows a collage of everyday items, brought together in a way that exudes an air of simple sophistication.  At the heart of the grouping is a pair of Rural Root Barnwood Bookshelves, rugged and sturdy by design yet elegant and easy in their appearance.  No matter where your opinions lie about the possibility of living a simple life that appears polished and perfect to others, I think you will have to agree:  these bookshelves are the epitome of simple sophistication.

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