Rustic Furniture That Really Hits the Nail on the Head

Reclaimed Barnwood BedsBarnwood.  What is its allure, really?  Maybe it’s the brawny boards.  Perhaps it’s the marks etched into the wood from a sawmill years ago.  Or, it might be the stories that have been woven into its very grain for decades.  Whatever draws you to Barnwood, you know that it is completely irresistible.

I have seen rustic reclaimed wood used in many different home décor applications.  It can be found lining accent walls or lined up side-by-side under a chair rail. Lumber taken from old structures is often used to create various crafts and signs.  One of the most common transformations for reclaimed wood is into durable and attractive indoor furniture.

Barnwood furniture, although beautiful in every room of a house, is a perfect fit for dining rooms and bedrooms.  Perhaps that is because the most intimate family moments either occur while in bed or while sharing a meal.  The easy and affable character of Barnwood is both soothing and comfortable, both characteristics that are desired in those rooms.  This particular line of reclaimed furniture, Autumn Comfort, puts out a Western flair with visually appealing nailhead features.

If you are a Barnwood addict, particularly one that has an appreciation for Western styling, you will want to give this Autumn Comfort Rustic Barnwood Bed a second look.  The options for pieces and sizes are almost too numerous to list.  Whether you are looking for just a couple pieces or you have an entire master suite to furnish, this set can fulfill your needs.  In fact, it hits the nail on the head!

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