Dining Table Size Guidelines

Dining tables come in various sizesThis time of year, as the calendar turns from October into November, the fall holidays and feasts with friends and family are upon us.  If you are hosting, you are responsible for ensuring each and every diner, big and small, have a comfortable place to enjoy their meal.

Most houses are inhabited with families of two, four, usually six or less (if you’re only counting humans).  Our dining table is a size that reflects the number of people that show up for dinner every evening.  The only problem occurs when that number is doubled or maybe even tripled at holiday time.  Do you have a method for determining how much table space you need for the number of guests you are expecting?

Jason Hunt, of JHE’s Log Furniture, has given the following recommendations:

  • Plan 2 feet for each person to sit comfortably
  • A 60” table can comfortably fit 6
  • A 72” can even more comfortably fit 6, or could fit 8 if diners are okay with bumping elbows with their neighbors
  • An 84” table can fit 10 people, but is far more comfortable with 8 (3 on each side and 1 on each end)
  • A 96” can fit 10 diners very comfortably

Given these guidelines, a rustic table like the Cottage Barnwood Harvest Dining Table with Trestle Base provides you with many options.  It is available in sizes ranging from 60” to 96”.  If you have the space available and typically host a holiday feast, you can opt to have a larger table as a permanent fixture.  For a very large feast, the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Farmhouse Trestle Table, at a 96” size, offers the optional addition of two 18” leaves, for a total table size of 132”.  However, if you are pressed for space and/or just like having a smaller table that provides flexibility, check out the rustic Cedar Lake Log Extending Dining Table with Leaf.  This model is available as small as 42” long with the option of adding up to 2-24” leaves, turning your square table for four into a generous table for 10.

If you’re like me, you love this time of year and the onset of spending quality time around the table with family and friends.  Cut the stress for yourself and your guests by ensuring you have adequate dining accommodations.  Many options exist for fans of rustic furniture.  Be sure to get your orders in NOW in order to receive tables in time for holiday dinner!

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