Character Conundrum

Bedroom Furniture is easier when taken as a setI will admit, I am conflicted.  I carry a love for both log furniture and Barnwood furniture, and my loyalties are divided when choosing which pieces I should place in my home.  Arriving at a decision about which type to purchase is usually too difficult for me to make, and the result is no decision at all.

That is, until I stumbled across the picture above.  I love the rustic character and charm that leaps out of this image.  Just looking at it calls me home.  And the most notable thing about it?  The chair rail on the wall is Barnwood, and the nightstand is hand-peeled cedar logs.  The two types of rustic character I love the most, living in perfect harmony.

So, this settles some of my conundrum.  I can use both Barnwood and log furniture in my home without fear of it looking mismatched.  When used in a consistent and balanced fashion, they can enhance the look of rustic décor and not confuse it.  In fact, this photo is inspiring me to redecorate my bedroom with a Barnwood accent wall and Cedar Lake Lodge bedroom furniture.  My next impasse comes with deciding where else to incorporate Barnwood in the room in order to keep a symmetrical appearance.  And so I digress…

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