Visualize Your Way to Success

Office DesksSometimes statistics can be fascinating.  One that I stumbled upon a number of times has to do with the power of visualization.  I don’t have the exact numbers, but it has been written that a consistent practice among successful professional athletes is visualization.  These athletes actually see themselves running a race, riding a bike, swimming a triathlon, (whatever their discipline) and celebrating a victory…all in their mind.  And then…it happens.  Just like they imagined it.  They are not surprised by what some may call irony, and know that it’s not just happening by chance.

For thousands of years, believers of different persuasions have preached the importance of mindset and believing what you want to be true.  The mind is such a powerful tool that it leads and convinces the body to follow.  In life and in business, the happiest and most successful people will echo the sentiment that visualization is key in making your dreams come true.  Believe, and it will happen.

Some of you may think this to be a little “foo-foo”.  However, why not give it a try?  If you are one who enjoys a great day in the country, exploring the back roads and old structures, invest in a Cottage Barnwood Sofa Table for your office.  When you hit a difficult place in your work day, your Barnwood office mate can take you to that place that calms and recharges you.  Close your eyes for a few minutes, gripping the sturdy wood from centuries past, and let it transform you out of your office to a beautiful meadow on a summer day.  See yourself happy and relaxed.  When you come back around, see if you are energized to get more done.  I think you might like the results and, if practiced regularly, this visualization can help you achieve more success than you thought possible.

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