Rustic Shelves that Conform to Your Collection

Bookcases for the reader's collectionStorage space, as we’ve discussed many times in this blog, is almost never sufficient in a home.  Closets and cupboards aren’t enough for all of the “stuff” we collect as we go about our lives.  Organization is an ongoing battle that some days (most days) we feel we will never win.

In our quest to overcome the clutter conundrum, we invest in any number of storage and organizational tools.  From plastic totes to baskets to shelves, we make strides towards taming the beast and making our home operate efficiently and look good doing it.  Sometimes, though, those tools are a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t allow any flexibility in use.

That is where the Homestead Barnwood Bookcase enters the picture and saves the day.  Its rugged character and rustic appearance earn it instant credit for good looks, and it has the added bonus of featuring adjustable shelves…something that is usually reserved for flimsy, particle-board shelf units.  This sturdy bookshelf is handcrafted in Montana from reclaimed Barnwood lumber.  It features a spacious depth of 14”…plenty of room for storing your collections.  This shelf unit provides a flexible solution for your storage conundrum.

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