Light Up Your Life with a Rustic Lantern Lamp

Classic Style LampsAnyone who has ever taken on interior decorating knows that accessories are what complete a home.  Sure, the carefully chosen finishes and the Barnwood furniture play a key part in the overall scheme, but it’s the little things that make a house a rustic home.  The strategic placement of those accessories is instrumental in creating the well-lived-in-and-loved atmosphere that is synonymous with rustic decor.

Small, dark areas can be a challenge for a decorator.  Many times those are the places that are in most need of a trinket or a doodad, but several criteria must be met in order to assure the piece is a match for the spot.  First, its dimensions must be small enough for the space.  Secondly, in order to stand out against the darkness, it must be shiny or light in color or some part of it must illuminate.

Candle arrangements are the usual suspects for a space such as this.  Easy to use and relatively maintenance-free once the timer is set, LED candles provide a safe flickering light and come in many different sizes.  A new sheriff has come to town, though, and he is threatening popularity of the LED candles.  This Rustic Bell Lantern Table Lamp features a small footprint and looks very similar to the bell lanterns that were used by cowboys and pioneers past.  Its weathered patina accentuates a rustic home, and the light it casts will illuminate a dark corner far more than a grouping of candles.  My only caution is to ensure this lamp, with its glass shade that heats up with use of the 60 watt light bulb, is out of the reach of little hands in the house.  Otherwise, it’s the perfect accessory to light up your rustic home.

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