Wine, Whiskey, and…The Grocery Store

Western Style Bar StoolsWhen I was newly dating my boyfriend (now husband), he spent a lot of time traveling to and working in Huntsville, Alabama.  On one of his business trips, he invited me to fly down and stay with him.  Of course, I graciously accepted his offer with the excited anticipation of spending an entire uninterrupted weekend with my crush.

Huntsville is a good-sized city in northern Alabama, and has many attractions for a visitor in town.  However, my guy wanted to take me on a road trip over the border to a little town called Lynchburg, Tennessee.  Some of you will recognize the name of that town and immediately relate it to the Jack Daniels Distillery.  In all of the time he had spent in Alabama, the tour of the distillery in this little “dry” Tennessee town was my boyfriend’s favorite spot to visit.

The tour was phenomenal.  The distillery was spotless and picturesque.  After walking through the facilities and listening to my guy do a better job of narrating the tour than our guide, I was ready to investigate the surrounding town.  It is but a hole in the wall, centered around the tourism to the distillery and the by-products of making whiskey.

I distinctly remember a store that had wall-to-wall products made from old whiskey barrels.  Nearly anything you can imagine was available there, with all the personality and character you can expect from barrels that had produced gallons and gallons of Tennessee sippin’ whiskey.  Since that time, I have seen many furniture pieces crafted from old wine and whiskey barrels, but none that impressed me as much as that store in the little town of Lynchburg.  That was, however, until I happened upon a set of bar stools in the beverage aisle of the local grocery store.  What an unlikely place to run across such beautifully rustic furniture, but the Whiskey Barrel Stave Stool was in all its glory.  It was like that quaint little Lynchburg store all over again.  Barrels with three lives…wine, whiskey, and the grocery store.

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