The Chair That Never Gets Used

Children's ChairsAn interesting title for this post, right?  I made you look!  But, it’s really kind of true.  This beautiful little chair is made for kids.  And when did you know a kid this size that sat down for more than five minutes?  Movies and meals notwithstanding…

I have an intrinsic love for barns.  Since I was a kid myself, I have admired the colossal giants of our agricultural history.  They stand like monuments on the prairies, cementing the cornerstone of farms, sheltering the livestock in the pastures.  It is a love I want to pass on to my children.

Not only is reclaimed barn wood beautiful and loaded with character, it is also sturdy beyond belief.  The lumber used to build old structures was chosen specifically for its durability, and that strength is still prevalent today.  What better choice is there for children’s furniture?  I love the Homestead Barnwood Childs Chair for its rustic, rugged attributes.  This particular little gem is made of lumber reclaimed from Wyoming barns, then covered in a long-lasting, premium grade lacquer.

So, even though they won’t be used for more than 5 minutes at a time, I still feel two of these little relics are a worthwhile investment.  They are a means to spread my barn love on to my boys.  The chairs will be around for generations to come and can be handed down as an idyllic means to spread Barnwood appreciation on to my children, grandchildren, and maybe even great grandchildren.  The chair may not get used, but the story of the barnwood furniture will be retold repeatedly.

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