Country Kitchen

Good quality wallpapersRustic style is all the rage nowadays.  The awareness of antiquing and “junk collecting” is partially due to the wild popularity of the History Channel’s American Picker television show, as well as a lesser-known series called West End Salvage, televised by HGTV.  We watch the characters in these reality shows dig through heaps of old, rusty, seemingly inconsequential items and transform them into works of art that can be proudly displayed in any modern home, regardless of its décor.

As popular as those shows are, and even with the help of creative inspiration sites such as Pinterest, reclaiming rustic pieces of jargon is not for everyone.  Even if you have a love for upcycled and recycled, it takes a certain amount of time, talent, and creativity to look at a piece of weathered wood and envision it as an entirely different finished product.  You may have all three of those factors, but then a constrained budget can stand in your way of realizing the full vision for restoration.

Still other obstacles may prevent you from using reclaimed materials in your home.  I love the look of barn boards and want to incorporate them into my home by using them as the backsplash to my kitchen countertops.  Purchasing harvested boards can be quite pricey and max out my meager budget very quickly.  I could drive the countryside and probably find an old, halfway fallen barn quite easily.  Then my only challenge would be finding the property owner and asking if I can take a few boards.  However, that can take a lot of time and work.

A simple and low-cost alternative to real Barnwood is Red Embossed Wood Wallpaper.  A distinct advantage to the wallpaper for this project is the marked difference in thickness between this paper product and an actual board.  Whereas barn boards are nearly an inch thick and compromise my cabinet and countertop configuration, wallpaper is quite thin and unobtrusive.  This lovely red hue goes perfectly with my décor, and the embossed wood grain makes it a convincing substitute for the real deal.  My country kitchen is going to look reclaimed and rustic for a fraction of the work and money.

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