Calling All Crafters

Chests for Craft StorageI would not necessarily call myself a crafter.  Sure, I have a lot of ideas (thanks Pinterest!) and would love to follow through on all of them, but the reality is that most of those ideas are never seen to fruition.  With the best of intentions, I have drawn up many a list with which to visit the local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby store, and then came home with project supplies that never made it out of the bag.  Needless to say, I have quite a few unfinished craft supplies stashed in various places around the house.

Storage is difficult, isn’t it?  Well, for some of us it is.  I’ve seen glorious glossy photos of intricate shelves and cubbies and assorted storage spaces.  Some people have an entire room dedicated to crafting and decorate it to look like a magazine centerfold.  I am not one of those people.  I have neither the time nor energy to complete such a project.  Actually, I admire people with that amount of vision and talent.  Truth be told, I’m also a little bit jealous of them.

So, my mishmash of unused craft supplies remains scattered in bins and empty drawers across the entire house.  But then, one day, I happened upon a very cool Autumn Comfort Rustic Blanket Chest while goofing around on Google.  It is made from rough cut timber, designed to look like reclaimed Barnwood at a fraction of the cost.  So, rustic appearance that I love – check.  It is very spacious and allows for plenty of storage containers tucked away under its hinged lid.  Make them clear so I know what’s inside them – check.  Last, but not least, disguised in the bottom part of the chest are two additional storage drawers.  A convenient place to store the items I use the most – check.

This chest won’t create a craft room worthy of a Better Homes & Gardens cover photo, but at least it will allow me to keep all my craft supplies in one spot.  Maybe next time I get a bright idea for a craft, I can shop my hope chest instead of Michael’s.  That alone makes this one project worth finishing!

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