Who Is That Masked Bartender?

Raccoon Beer CansI haven’t seen any hard and fast statistics, but I’m sure that outdoor summer activities are second to or on par with football games in consumption of beer.  An ice-cold can of brew is a refreshing way to enjoy a hot and steamy summer day.  Depending on what the day’s activities entail, you may quench your thirst with a frosty beverage retrieved from a cooler, refrigerator, or poured from a tap.

Seemingly unrelated to beer, but also common on summer nights, is the masked bandit known as a raccoon.  These little varmints, both in the movies and in reality, use their little hand-like paws to break into closed containers and explore the contents of trash cans.  Raccoons are so adept at their mischief they seem like miniature magicians, much to the chagrin of campers and homeowners who find their trash scattered across the grounds the morning after the masked raiders have had their fun.

And so, two of the signature summertime icons are joined together in this unique conversation starter.  A talented taxidermist has captured the mischievious spirit of this masked marauder, trying his best to savor the last sip of beer from the can.  This raccoon showcases lifelike detail, leaving you breathlessly waiting for his next move.  Perhaps he will take on the part of bartender, opening cans and handing them to your guests.  Pop one of these little guys onto your cooler, keg or frig at your next party and just listen to the buzz he will create.

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