Style and Substance

Complete Dining Table PackagesOptions can be overwhelming.  I don’t like to dine at a restaurant that has a menu longer than two pages.  Making a meal decision after that point becomes very difficult!  Options can also be freeing.  When you spend the money for a new vehicle, you want to get the best value for your money.  Usually you have the car for a few years, so the ability to add the options you most desire makes you much happier while your name is on the signature line.

The inception of the internet has created a world of new options.  The experience of shopping has forever been changed.  Many people still enjoy the experience of perusing the goods at a local brick-and-mortar store, but it is no longer a necessity.  Just by turning on your computer, pulling up your Google search engine, and entering a few keywords, you can find almost anything your heart desires.

Shopping for furniture presents an almost limitless buffet of options.  Once you decide on a style, so many other decisions have to be made.  You want your furniture to be a little different than what your friends have in their houses, but what does that really mean?

If you desire rustic, reclaimed furniture, you are shopping with a distinguished crowd.  Most Barnwood furniture utilizes the substantial planks from the interior of long-standing structures.  The dining table set in the picture above sets itself apart from others by incorporating a unique pattern with the slats used to make the tabletop and chair seats.  Not only does it exude rustic charm, but also the surprising slanted corner slats provide a visual interest not usually found in reclaimed furniture.  JHE’s Log Furniture Place is offering this Rustic Weathered Slat Dining Table Package of a six-foot table, four chairs, and one bench for a low introductory price of $1,999.  Shipping to your front doorstep is included in this price.  Not only does this set provide style and substance, but unbeatable value.  What other options do you really need?

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