Primitive Productivity

Work better with reliable desksHave you ever sat in your office and looked around, waiting for inspiration to strike you right then and there?  Many different schools of thought exist, but I am a believer that your productivity is a direct result of your environment.  In other words, if your office is not bright, energetic, and inspiring…chances are your work won’t be either.

Even if your workspace is in a cubicle or “borrowed” office space, you can add elements to the room that bring you inspiration.  It may be artwork from your kids, a battery-operated candle with a long lasting flicker, or a pleasantly scented room freshener.  Another idea suggests you equip your office for a practice that brings you energy, like meditation or yoga.

If you are fortunate enough to have the occasion to decorate your own office, you have carte blanche on elements to include in the space.  It is helpful to first examine the items or supplies that bring you joy and abundance, and then determine whether they will fit into the room’s configuration.  Take into consideration lighting, temperature, and placement of electronic devices in relation to power outlets.

The focal point of your office is usually the desk.  Operating as the flagship of the office, it is the first impression your clients have of you and sets the tone for all future interactions with them.  It can say a lot about you and your personality.  If you wish to make a statement about your passion for both the outdoors and reclaimed wood, the Rustic Mountain Barnwood desk is an illustrated story about what you believe in.  Completely customizable and able to handle the rigors of a thriving business, this piece of rustic office furniture is the perfect inspiration for a productive day.

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