Style That Never Goes Out of Style

Armoires that never go out of styleLet’s face it:  many of our favorite things eventually go out of style.  Some of us resist it, like that gal at the gym who continues to wear tights and legwarmers, even though the 80s version of Olivia Newton John ceased being popular many years ago.  Or, the guy who still rocks the business-in-the-front-and-party-in-the-back hairstyle, another favorite in the eighties.

Suffice it to say, when spending a lot of money on a purchase, it pays to first buy a high quality item and second, ensure it is of timeless style.  Those with financial know-how will sometimes preach that buying gold is an investment that will never steer you wrong.  Up until the market took a tumble, acquiring real estate was considered a wise means of spending money.  In the world of fashion, where many styles come and go on a whim, shoppers are encouraged to buy conservative cuts and colors that are more apt to be acceptable with the shift in what is considered ‘hip’ and ‘in vogue’.

In the world of furniture and home interiors, rustic décor is timeless.  Trends may shift and result in a progression away from using reclaimed materials; however, the practice of carefully harvesting boards from neglected old barns and structures and re-using them in new and inventive ways will never go out of style. Not only is it environmentally friendly, the look of rustic sophistication that can be created with combinations of old and new materials is unmatched by any modern factory-made product.

A piece like the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood 2 Drawer Armoire pictured above, made of wood reclaimed from a Wyoming barn, is a testament to timeless style.  The character of the wood, each board with a different story, gives each piece a different personality.  Other rustic pieces can be used in coordination with this armoire, or it is equally as comfortable and charming when paired with a modern metal-and-glass table.  There are few rules when it comes to decorating, but considering the amount of money you invest in your furniture, timeless style is the wisest way to buy.

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