Rustic Rafters

Great Coffee TablesDecorating a home is really a personal affair.  We all have our personal tastes and affinities for pieces and styles that we like.  Some homes are an eclectic mix of décor, a combination of each homeowoner’s preferences.  It is a good thing to reflect your personality in your decorating scheme.

As with many things in my life, I seem to never arrive at a permanent decision with my home’s interior design.  Where once in my life I had an affinity for the more modern look of glass and metal, now I love the traditional and rustic look of country and primitive décor.  Because I have such a mix in my home, I like to repeat a look in at least a couple of different places to ensure a more consistent look and feel.

I am in love with Barnwood furniture.  However great my love, I cannot afford to have it in many areas of my home.  I have to pick and choose where to place Barnwood pieces so they have the most visual punch with the least possible impact on my pocketbook.  From endless options, I settled on a rugged and beautiful Cottage Barnwood Open Coffee Table as the centerpiece of my living room.  It is everything I hoped it would be:  a playing surface for family game night, a display surface for my latest craft project, and a handy catch-all for books and magazine.  This table’s rustic rugged and sturdy appearance is not to be overlooked in the space.

Fortunately, I was able to find a way to perfectly accent this table in the living room without too much expense.  A local corn crib was scheduled for demolition in order to make way for (yet another) housing development.  I contacted the construction company, and they gave me the green light to salvage the wood from the crib.  The only caveat?  I had to do all the work myself.  So, over the course of a weekend, my husband and I donned crowbars and gloves and pulled enough boards to cover the vaulted ceiling of our living room.  The rustic rafters provide the perfect country feel to our modern home, and works in perfect tandem with the coffee table.

With a little elbow grease and a few well-spent bucks from your wallet, it is possible to create the perfect country retreat in your modern suburban home!

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