Craft Nook Countertop

Sofa tables for the living roomI have written before about our recent project in the basement.  We went from concrete floor and block walls to carpet and drywall.  It is a beautiful space now, with room for guests and our kids’ extensive toy collection.  However, my wish for a crafting space has almost been snuffed out by this renovation.

We did not finish the entire basement; instead, we left about one third of it unfinished for storage and utility space.  I have plans to re-ignite my dream and make a little craft nook in a corner of the storage area.  I merely want a space for my sewing machine and projects so I can hide the mess away from the guest area, and keep my craft supplies out of the reach of little fingers.

The problem with the space is, well, the lack of space.  A full-sized table would be too intrusive in the small room, and we don’t want to stand the expense of custom cabinets.  My husband, while recently organizing items in the storage area, came upon an excellent solution.

Because we move so frequently and are in homes of all shapes and sizes, we have accumulated furniture that won’t work in every space.  We tend to keep some of those pieces in the event we may be able to use some of them in a future home.  One such piece is an Texas Rustic Pine Marble Rope Sofa Table.

I love this piece because of its unique appearance and because it is made from reclaimed barn wood.  The top is inlaid with marble accents and the edges are a little rough from the raw edges.  However, with the addition of a Plexiglas top, this barnwood furniture piece will become a perfect temporary countertop for my little craft nook.

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