Wood You, Could You, Live in a Barn?

Tables and chairs for the rustic dining roomI have two young children.  They love Dr. Seuss books, especially my youngest.  I have never been much of a fan, because the stories seem nonsense with no place in reality.  However, as I read those silly phrases night after night, I find myself repeating them in conversations with adults.  Kind of like how I paraphrased Green Eggs & Ham as the title of this post.

Sometimes silly nonsense has a fitting place in our adult lives.  What better way is there to dispel darkness than to laugh?  Not a giggle, or a chuckle, but a deep all-consuming laughter that comes from your very soul and doesn’t stop until you are crying with joy.  It’s one of the greatest things in life.

Dr. Seuss was a dreamer.  That is evident in the books that he wrote.  I’m a dreamer too…it is what propels me forward and to do bigger and greater things than I thought I could achieve.   One of my dreams is to live in a barn.  I’m not necessarily talking about an agricultural icon that has stood on the weathered plains for nearly a century.  Instead, I could cultivate and reclaim the wood from one of those structures and use it with reckless abandon in my custom-built home.  Barnwood is useful not only for furniture like Cottage Barnwood Harvest Dining Table with Trestle Base, but as a wall covering and accent trim around elements in the home.  Some may feel using the old splintered wood from barns in a new home is nonsense, but I’m just silly enough to realize that dream someday.  Along with laughing until I cry, coming home to that house will be one of the best things in my life.

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