Potato Hamper

Cute Potato Clothes HampersWe recently completed work on our basement.  After living in our house for almost two years, we decided to finish it.  The space is glorious.  Even though it is small, it adds so much to our house.  The majority of our boys’ toys have found a new home there.  We have a spare bed in the large room, along with a futon for additional sleeping space when guests visit.  It was a large investment, but we even added a three-quarter bath with a linen closet.  I call it the big-and-little-man-cave.

Furnishing the basement wasn’t a problem, until I encountered my vegetable storage conundrum.  I have talked on this blog before about thinking outside of the box when you are shopping for furniture.  Just because a name is attached to a certain piece, doesn’t mean that it has to be used for that purpose.

Now that the basement stairs are padded and carpeted, I am in dire need of a place to store my potatoes, onions, and squash.  I used to put them on the steps, within easy reach of the kitchen.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a pantry, so the basement steps were the next best thing.  Now I figured I’m out of luck…until I discovered this reclaimed Barnwood clothes hamper.

The rustic character of the weathered wood matches the rustic decor of our basement, and I can easily hide away my taters and onions at the foot of the steps without anyone being the wiser.  Who cares that it’s supposed to be a laundry hamper?  I don’t think anyone will be questioning its function once they taste my exquisite garlic mashed potatoes.  I say potato bin, you say clothes hamper.  Put it together, it’s a potato hamper.

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