Going to a Garden Party

Entertain guests outdoors with bar stoolsIf you’re going to a garden party to reminisce with some old friends, you might need a place to sit down and rest.  As the weather turns warmer and daylight longer, it is common to see many outdoor festivities kick into high gear.  This includes time spent out in the yard with friends, family, and neighbors.

Hanging out amidst the flowers and garden plants can be a real joy.  Everywhere you turn, another bloom nods lazily to you or a green leaf waves in the breeze, as if to say hello and welcome.  The sights and scents are wonderful.  However, after some time spent standing with a drink in your hand, legs begin to ache and your feet may yell at you for making them do too much work.

Stools are a versatile and effective way to provide seating in a garden.  They are completely portable and blend in well with the greenery.  Their lightweight and small footprint means less crushing and more enhancing of the garden environment.  Recycled teak wood stools can be left outside in the flowerbeds all summer long for your friends to enjoy whenever they come over for a visit.  The durability and natural oils of the teak wood give it a natural resistance to summer winds, rains, and bugs.  This rugged stool also acts as a perch for potted plants when seating is not needed.  Needless to say, the GroovyStuff Teak Wood Garden Bar Stool is the perfect accessory for your garden party.

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