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Sofa tables can be used anywhere with the right imaginationSay what you want about the internet, but it has changed the way we gather inspiration for the projects in our lives.  From blog posts to YouTube videos to eHow to Pinterest, it is easy to get lost for hours while looking for ideas.  One of my friends, whom I have written about before, is finishing her basement and has been actively searching for decorating inspiration all over the internet.

Since she has done all the legwork of finding these fantastic sites, and I have interests similar to hers, I like to browse what she has come across.  One image was of a bathroom so welcoming I wanted to step right into the picture and slip into the bathtub.  The room had two main features: a very rustic and massive recycled timber as a prominent beam across the ceiling and a white claw foot bathtub with a high back, perfect for long soaks.

The bathroom scene was very simple without many accessories scattered around.  Situated directly beside the tub was a well-used Homestead Ridge Sofa Table in a distressed finish.  The long and narrow piece provided a handy top surface for tub essentials, a drawer for reading material, and space underneath for fluffy towels.  The serene setting was a strong reminder that a name is not a label that limits the use of a piece of furniture.  That sofa table was quite at home in a bathroom setting, beside the tub.  When decorating, open your mind and reduce your limitations.  The results can be inspiring.

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