Focus on the Happy

Comfortable Bedroom Packages“We sure could use…a little good news…today.”  That song has been resounding in my head the past couple of days.  It seems like tragedies – large-scale ones – have been happening quite frequently lately.  The unspeakable horror of innocent children shot to death in a place where they should be completely safe.  A celebrated race transformed into a war zone at the finish line.  A fertilizer plant on a Texas plain, the epicenter of an explosion that was the equivalent of a 2.5 earthquake.  Too many lives lost in senseless tragedies.  So yes, we really could use some good news today.

“Focus on the happy.”  That is the next thought that comes into my mind when these events unfold.  Maybe it’s due in part to the picture of Mister Rogers captioned with a quote from his mother.  It went viral on Facebook after the Boston bombings.  Essentially she told him, when faced with something scary in the news, look for the helpers.  They are always there.  Focus on the happy that happens after the sad.  Bright moments in the midst of despair.  You can find them if you look hard.

Pictures like the one of the bedroom above help me to focus on the happy.  The light, airy ambience of that bedroom gives me hope.  The sturdy reclaimed teak wood reminds me that some things have been here for a long time.  They may not remain in their original state, but instead become a better version of themselves after they undergo a major change.  This picture of the Groovy Stuff Hill Country Queen Teak Bedroom Package is a testament to the good that is in the world, even when evil seems to lurk everywhere.  Focus on the happy.

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